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Function with Calorie Burn

The ice cold beverage isle always seems to draw me in during the summertime at our local market and what I've recently noticed is that the beverage isle is kinda a "cool" place to be!

Our local Nugget Market carries a wide selection of really great drinks, including my favorite GT's Kombucha, and now a new line of drinks, call Function. Function, on the shelves caught my eye, because I had recently read an article on a line of physician-developed drinks with concrete science behind them.

function_drinks.jpgStocking our Extraordinique fridge with Light Weight, I've got to say the Pink Grapefruit and Acai Pomegranate are a guilt-free, calorie-burning, preservative-free alternative to diet soda and other sugary juices and "sports" drinks.

Function Light Weight includes EGCG, a green tea extract to help increase calories burned and gymnema extract, which limits the absorption of calories your body takes in from fat and carbs. Light Weight also includes reservatrol, which if you've been to any health store lately, it's all the rage. Reservatrol is a red wine extract that has found to increase energy and overall calorie burn.

Now, with all of that said, I will also say you don't get the caffeine jitters or that amp'd feeling on this drink. You just get a sense of "upbeat" energy, which I can always use by mid-afternoon to gear up for exercise at the end of the day.

function_alldrinks.jpgIn addition to Light Weight, Function also has drinks to boost your immune system, improve your mood, and ease sore muscles after a workout.

I haven't tried these others yet, but I'm thinking this weekend, I may try a Vacation.


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