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emtanner-lunchboxes-ban.jpgAs a kid, the best part about going back to school was the shopping trip for school uniforms and a new lunch box. The lunch box always seemed to define my connection to what was popular at the time. I had my Holly Hobby, an assortment of Hanna Barbera-themed boxes and then I think I even had a Star Wars lunchbox, or was that my brother? Either way, lunch boxes were a symbol of style, a conversational piece at lunch time, and often packed with goodies and love from mom. Scouting for some Extraordinique items for Back to School this week, I came across EM Tanner Designs, who brings back the lunchbox in a fun and funky way.

emtanner-lunchboxes-asst.jpgSince we have lots of nieces and nephews headed back to school this week, I thought I would feature these personalized retro-inspired lunchboxes so the kids can "kick it old school."

I think I may even need one, like the Party Dots Funky Lunchbox. That looks like fun to carry my Function Light Weight, my PB&J and TCHO chocolates. I'm sure all the kids at work will be jealous too. Hee Hee

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Extraordinique was founded upon the idea of sharing stories about "ideapreneurs" - people who ideate, design and develop the most extraordinary and unique things for modern day life. Their backstories and their products alike are inspiring, fun, creative, influential and often manifest a simple solution designed to perfection. dVider is one such company that I say fits the bill.

dvider-collage.jpgThis summer, I have been looking to do something fun and dimensional in an entry way to enhance the space. I have been looking for something with versatility and personality. dVider decals seem to provide that simple and artistic solution that can be added for any occasion and refresh your room's personality in style.

dvider-telephone.jpgWith this post, dVider stickers, in my opinion, can speak for themselves.

dVider.jpg"We don't want to take over the world, we just want to share our stickers with it." - dVider

dvider-monkey.jpgWebsite | Where to Buy