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A Sweet Scent to Enjoy


I love candles. What girl doesn't? I've been disappointed with expensive candles though. They smell nice when you originally buy them, but when you light them, they don't burn well or they don't give off the sweet scent you were looking for. My sister, this summer, gave me a Voluspa candle as a gift and with mornings being a little dark in our office, I like to light a candle to get the day going. Surprisingly, this candle from Voluspa does not disappoint. In fact, this candle has surprised me on many levels. It's scent is very light and clean. It burns endlessly it seems without burning down. It makes for a lovely gift and I look forward to trying the other candles and incense collections Voluspa has to offer.

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Ruby Red Overhead


So, have you ever had to walk away from something you loved and it stays on your mind for days, even months.  This Murano Glass Chandelier hanging in our local Design Within Reach studio is just haunting me. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I started re-decorating, even painting, in my head, to work this gorgeous glass chandelier into our home.  It's breathtaking in person. It's extraordinique!

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Pillows with a Twist


I love designer, Kat Nouri's origin of inspiration for her very cool "PJ Pocket Pillows." A mom of three kids, Nouri used to fold her kids pajamas and put them under their pillows. Inevitably, the kids would chuck the PJs and pillows on the floor. Using her creative and entrepreneurial spirit, Nouri designed a simple pillow modeled after the Japanese anemone box (which is traditionally used to hold family heirlooms).

Nouri puts a Modern Twist on home accessories. These PJ Pocket Pillows are good for kids and the kid in you.

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Seems like wallpaper is making a comeback and I am glad it is. There are tons of new and vintage prints that really can impact the look and feel of a room. Cole & Son, a company offering the finest in wallpaper since 1873, has both the history and amazing craftmanship when it comes to producing the most amazing designs. Cole & Son can be seen in Buckingham Palace to the White House.

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Designed for Quick Pick Ups


James Dyson's vision was simple -- he couldn't find a vaccuum that did the job he wanted it to, so he created one himself. His product design was innovative then and continues to be a leader in design and functionality. Go in to any store that sells vaccuum cleaners and not only do the old standby's try to emulate the look of Dyson vaccuums, but they are constantly competing to match the features and functionality James Dyson sees as necessary features to create a good vaccuum.

Thumbing through the pages of a magazine, I saw the Dyson Root 6, a handheld that touts "twice the suction power of other handhelds," I have to admit this got my attention. Subtely, it looks somewhat like a leaf blower, but I have to admit that leaves me witht he impression that I can do some serious cleaning with this one.

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Warm Up with Klobs


We came across Klobs when we did a post last week on the Arrabesque heating unit. Klobs are a series of flexible "hot bubbles" that can be rotated for the perfect position in a stand-alone unit or on the wall. Add as many Klobs as you want for the righ amount of radiant heat and the  personalized sculpture you desire to cozy up to. Tubor excels with over 20 years creating exceptional design and functional heating units for the home.

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Heating Your Home with Style


It's been a cold and dreary Autumn day, but when I saw this three-dimensional heating unit by Tubor, I instantly warmed up. This is not your Grandmother's radiator. The Arabesque has been exclusively designed to run on water and can be configured to your needs. Ron Arad is the designer, who created this series of mesmerizing figure eight's to be the perfect solution to the classic tubular radiator. Ahhh...

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Princess, This Is for You


Today, I got a really nice surprise in the mail. No, it wasn't a mailbox free of unwanted direct mail marketing or nagging bills. It was a really cute and thoughtful Halloween card designed by Mina Lee Studio. Raised in a family who owned several Hallmark stores, my immediate reaction (jokingly) is always to flip the card to see who created it.

Browsing the Mina Lee Studio website, I was pleased to find a great backstory about a young mom who started doing original paintings and mixed media collages between Spaghettios and soccer games.

Mom and artist, Mina Lee Sergenian has a whimsical approach to her greeting cards, magnets and other fun pieces, including the placard above for you Princess!

Sergenian's philosophy is "Life is very short. Let's have some fun, laugh a lot, celebrate and most of all...let everyone you care about know that you love them. And don't forget to be good to yourself along the way."

Thanks to Dan and Samara for sending us this great card. It was a very sweet and loving pause in the day.  My Boo is here on our inspiration wall reminding me of you, so thanks!

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As we settle in to a beautiful Autumn season in California, it will be soon enough where the evenings grow darker much earlier and the temps get cooler -- begging the need for the warm light of a fire. EcoSmart's latest innovation is the EcoSmart Vision Fireplace -- a flexible freestanding piece of furniture that features a double opening with a "see-through" effect. By design, the EcoSmart™ flue less burner, requires no utility connection and can be placed near a wall, or on display as a room divider - offering ultimate flexibility to move the fire anywhere that suits your living environment and creates an impressive centerpiece.

EcoSmart is fueled by renewable green energy and just recently achieved UL Listing in the U.S.

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