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aveda-greenscience.jpgI'm kinda fickle when it comes to beauty products. I'll use a product half way and then get bored of it. My salon though encouraged me to try Green Science - a face cream that my skin just drinks up! I'm on my third container, so I figure at this point, I'm smitten.

If you like a light, yet emollient face cream, this one is delicious for your skin!

If you are in the Sacramento area, check out Salon B. They are running product specials in September, so don't miss out.

Aveda is recognized for their sustainable practices and beauty products
Aveda received the Gold Standard of Cradle to Cradle (C2C) product certifications for sustainability in beauty products. C2C certification and endorsement are the culmination of 30 years of socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

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