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Le Vin Cool


Looking to make a definitive style statement with new wine drinkers, Patrick de Montpeyroux of Montpeyroux Estates in southern France, had a vision to make wine cool again with the young social elite. Knowing he neeeded to catch the attention and appeal to all the senses of the club-going, non-wine-drinking-yet consumer, Montpeyroux & Co knew joining forces with Christian Audigier, mastermind and head designer of the Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier brands, could get them the "rock star" status Montpeyroux & Co. were looking for.

The next time you are at your favorite night spot, look to see if Le Vin Cool is on the wine menu. The bottles alone are adorned with wild, daring, colorful tattoo imagery that has made Christian Audigier a household name.

Check out The Cool Wine on MySpace to get a better sense of these limited-edition, special reserve wines...with a rockin' attitude.


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Creative Director, Arne Quinze of Studio Arne Quinze Architects reveals there are no boundaries to their work, going well beyond creating extraordinary furniture design, including major structural and creative installations down to the design of a perfume bottle. Arne Quinze influences architecture, environments and now fashion. Debuting the Spring-Summer 2008 Fluqs Collection, Quinze contributed to this innovative shoe line with Onitsuka Tiger.

Studio Arne Quinze Architects has a bold mission to "conquer the universe with a unique language. Unanticipated. Whimsical. Provocative. Cheeky." They say, "Call us designers ensconced in a reality all our own. Mood Makers. Concept craftors. Creators of strategies born of intution."

Quize & Milan has an amazing collection of indoor and outdoor furniture that bring life to any environment.  PRIMARY by Arne Quinze is considered one of their classic lines designed to bring prestige to public spaces, including cityscapes in San Francisco, Detriot, Cannes and Porto. From public park to your outdoor space, PRIMARY brings simple design with bold color and function to any environment.

Arne Quinze approach to creativity, design, and modern innovation is extraordinique.

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Fragances Made Fresh for You


Visiting LeLabo on a trip to NYC last year, I was inspired and educated about the unique composition of LeLabo creations. If you've ever taken a stroll down the aisles and aisles of perfumes at Bloomingdale's, you begin to question the difference from one fragrance to the next. Walking into Le Labo, you'll find a select group of distinct fragrances to test, but each one is brilliantly unique and full-bodied. Turning towards the "bar," you'll find LeLabo staff ready to help you choose the fragrance right for you and concoct the made-to-order fragrance "fresh" while you wait. Lab coats and all, making fragrance is part science, part lifestyle.

LeLabo covets their product exclusively and maintains the integrity of how they create it and how it is purchased. The fragrances are divided by men, women, unisex and baby. Each of the 10 LeLabo perfumes (fragrances) is built around a primary natural essence that comes directly from Grasse, France, the "perfume capital." The perfumes are named after their principal essence and the number of ingredients combined to make them. An example: FLEUR d'ORANGER 27 indicates that the perfume is made up of a total of 27 ingedients, with the natural orange blossom from Grasse as its principal essence.

As LeLabo says, it's very difficult to describe a fragrance. Just as "explaining kills art" explaining the composition of a fragrance is well, fruitless. LeLabo offers a great introduction to their fragrances with their Discovery Set, which allows you to chose three fragrances from their collection. You will receive them in three beautiful 5 ml glass rods (with atomizers and your name printed on the label). A beautiful way to either get addicted to one of them or to use them as fancy mini purse sprays.

Our experience at LeLabo was remarkable. LeLabo creations are extraordinique.

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