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vmodaII.jpgMy iPhone is always on. Whether I'm talking on the phone or listening to Pandora while I work, a good headset is such a integrated part of my daily experience.

I've tried thinking of the best way to describe how much I love the new V-Moda Vibe II earbuds and microphone. It seems crazy, but when you are tethered as much as I am, having a good, crisp, sharp sound means the world to me. Not only that, since it's an "always on" device, having a headset that looks sleek, is such an appreciated and coveted bonus.

I have not been impressed with the iPhone standard headphones and have been searching for what I feel is the perfect headset (headphones + mic for taking calls).

v-modalogo.jpgAll about the Vibe II
I can now say, I love my iPhone and Vibe II. V-Moda did everything right. They made this headset just as fashionable and "on the go" functional as the iPhone itself.

Putting these earbuds through the ringer the past couple of weeks, I really feel V-Moda went the extra mile to make the perfect headset (and mic).

Here's what appeals most to me:

  • The earbuds deliver great sound quality.
  • The mic delivers really clear pitch and voice sound.
  • Noise reduction from the outside world is such a treat, especially when I am trying to write.
  • The fit was perfect for me right out of the box, but the set also comes with three other sizes, which I think is a total necessity.
  • The sport earhooks make running "fuss free." For runners, you'll know what I mean.
  • The external ear bud looks really cool. It has a really nice sophisticated design - almost jewel-like in a high-tech geek chic kind of way.
Best of all, the unexpected, yet absolutely favorite feature of V-Moda's Vibe II outside of the style and sound (form and function) is the fabric cabling from the ear bud to the iPhone. I never realized how tangled and knotted the iPhone rubbery cords ended up - always causing me grief and a couple missed calls. The V-Moda's durable black fabric cabling makes wearing the headset more flexible and less restrictive. It's a nice and long cable and feather-light, so it feels like your not wearing a headset at all.

I wanted to write this post all about the great music experiences I have had with V-Moda, but I have to admit this extension of my iPhone appeals to me on such a functional, day-to-day level. Music is always in the background, but V-Moda's "performance" is totally in the foreground for me.

Love it. Love it. Love it.
If you have an iPhone and you are fed up with the rubbery tangled mess of wires, you gotta consider V-Moda. They totally got it right!

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