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I actually "had" (they are now in the recycle bin) two Starbucks cup sleeves on my desk with the idea to create exactly what Cup Couture has already done -- create a re-usable, fashionable sleeve for your favorite on-the-go paper coffee cups. Cup Couture created The Cup Coat, a high fashion thermal sleeve for most 12, 16 and 20 oz. paper cups.

Cupcoats are an eco-chic alternative to cardboard sleeves or 'double-cupping' typically used to  insulate your hands from your hot beverage.

Cupcoats are thermally-insulating, durable and designed for re-use over and over again. Cupcoats are thin and designed for a proper fit over most conventional paper cups for coffee and tea. Most of all Cupcoats are stylish for men and women, including six different collections. For those who know and follow Extraordinique the Diva line for the "DDK" is my favorite. (Lianne and Marilyn -- You know what I am talking about!)

What I love most about Cup Couture's product line, is that they also offer an accessory to this fashion accessory -- Cup Coat Carrying Cases! This is such great thinking. Not only can you get more than one CupCoat, but now with the accessory case, you can carry all of them (holds three) in your purse, car, laptop bag, etc. That's great thinking. It's also a great gift idea, since the CupCoat Carry Case also has a flap for holding your pre-paid coffee card or a gift card.

Brilliant! Extraordinique!


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If you like those, you might also like this keychain coffee sleeve version:


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