This Isn't Your Kid's Hot Chocolate


Having friends over for dinner, I was excited to serve something different as an after dinner drink. On a cold rainy night, hot cocoa always seems to hit the spot, but MarieBelle's Aztec Hot Chocolate is a warm dark chocolate treat, rich in cacao that is the perfect complement to a nice meal and light dessert. MarieBelle's hot chocolate is in itself a dessert and a little pick-me-up after dinner instead of the traditional coffee served.

Our friends were amazed with the richness of the drink and raved with every sip.

Visiting The Cacao Bar and Tea Salon by MarieBelle in New York earlier this year, we spent over an hour learning about cacao and the unique nature and delicacy of their beautiful boxed chocolates, hot and cold chocolate drinks and fine teas. We bought one of everything to bring home and I'm hopeful my tin of Aztec Hot Chocolate lasts until our next trip to NYC (although I know I can buy quickly and easily online).

If you like chocolate or better yet appreciate the fine taste (and health benefits of cacao), try MarieBelle's hot chocolate. You'll treasure every sip.

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