A Drink Worth Sipping Daily

About three years ago, I was buying lunch at Whole Foods and decided to be adventurous and consider something different to go with my 5-star sandwich. I didn't want anything high in sugar or had too much caffeine, but a bubbly pick-me-up sounded good to me. Scanning the shelves in the beverage aisle, these tall bottles stood out to me that said GT's Kombucha (flavors Original and Citrus). It also had some "funny looking stuff" floating at the top of the bottle. Reading more on the label, I found that this wonder tonic had touted health benefits, increased energy and had little sugar which was all a win for me.

Going with "Original" I have to admit I must have made the funniest face and the thought bubble over my head must have said -- this drink must have expired and "gone bad."

Taking another sip and another, then reading the bottle again, I realized this uniquely-crafted drink was effervescent and had live kombucha cultures (probiotics) in the drink as part of the fermentation process. Drinking the whole bottle down, I felt a surge of energy, clarity and a calm stomach after digesting lunch. I bought one bottle, then two more, then next by the case at any store I could find it because it was in short supply where I lived. Now, fast-forward three years later and GT's Kombucha comes in over nine other flavors and each one is unique and delicious.

Over the years, my friends have grown accustomed to me encouraging them to taste, try, and buy this drink. In fact, a friend-of-a-friend (FOAF) learned about my passion for this drink and learned more about the backstory connection she and the Dave family shared. Like others who have read Laraine Dave's story my FOAF began drinking it immediately because she was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She liked it so much that she then shared it with her breast cancer support group. I'm happy to report my FOAF is doing well and I'm glad GT Kombucha could be a part of her regimen in recovery.

This is a drink that is refreshing and healthful. The next time you see it on the shelves. Give it a try.

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That sounds even better than the 209! I'm going to try it next time I'm at Whole Foods. Thanks!

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